We Walk the Sky

“I listened to the stars. I could hear the sound, the speech of the stars.

The star sound Tsau, sounding Tsau! Tsau!” -/Xam Bushman song.

It is said that the White Lion will come from the stars and will return to the stars.

The stars are seen as the souls of all of the deceased White Lion looking down on mankind as witnesses to our lack of respect for our environment.

In Linda’s book she mentions the four lions that guard the corners of the earth; north, east, south and west. These lions are mirrored by four massive lion sculptures that guard each corner of Trafalgar Square in London.

In my artwork I used one of these sculptures, two male lions from Tsau and a stone sculpture that also lies on Trafalgar Square that represents fortitude to represent these four guardians.

It is sad to note that these lions still strive to protect mankind and our planet despite the atrocities committed against them. We choose them as symbols to protect us and yet don’t feel that we owe them the same in return.

In this artwork I show the four massive sculptures of lions that guard Trafalgar Square in London. One represents fortitude and the third and fourth are proud Tsau males.

I photographed the Milky Way and used it in this image as it is called the river of stars a heavenly river that never runs dry.

Price List

Description Size cm Edition Copies Price ZAR
Limited edition signed print on paper 30x45 250 5,000.00
Limited edition signed print on paper 50x75 150 7,500.00
Limited edition signed print on canvas 60x90 150 10,000.00
Limited edition signed print on canvas 75x115 100 15,000.00
Limited edition Collectors Box (all 23 images) 30x45 50 65,000.00
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Purchasing - Mystery of the White Lion Collection

The collection consists of 23 artworks created in Veronica Coetzer’s unique photomontage style that she developed to assist herself and other trauma and abuse victims in the healing process.

Each work is filled with meaningful imagery, symbols and motives that become evident upon close inspection. The works tell the story of the White Lion from the earliest days from the time of the Sabre Tooth and the First Man, through the time of the Pharaoh's till today.

Veronica has attached a short motivation with each work but the nature of the work allows for a different and personal interpretation that is unique to the viewer.

Each work is signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Superior quality art paper, canvas and ink are used in the creation of these artworks. Each work is presented in a tube and the full set of 23 images in a special collector’s edition portfolio box. These prices exclude delivery and any taxes or duties should they be applicable in the country of destination.


Shipping/delivery is quoted per destination.

Duties and Taxes

These prices exclude taxes and any duties or clearing costs as these differ. Certain countries charge no duties on artworks.

14% Vat applies to South African purchases.

Delivery Times

You will receive your artwork within 21 working days of our having received payment in full. Whilst most purchasers will receive their works far quicker than 21 days this allows for those periods that the artist is on photographic safaris and works need to be personally signed.

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